How to prepare your home for a photoshoot

Before the photographer arrives, there are a few things that you should do to prepare your home. Below are a few general guidelines; paying attention to these guidelines will help to ensure that your photos turn out beautiful, increasing the likelihood that you will be able to sell your home or property more quickly.


  • Clear counters off: remove small appliances, hand & dish soap, dish racks, cutting boards, tea towels, paper towels, dishes – we want to see open counter space
  • Clear away floor mats and towels on the oven
  • Remove child-proof equipment thats visible on cabinets or cupboards, if applicable
  • Remove magnets, children’s artwork, etc. off the fridge
  • Remove all garbage & recycling cans

Living Room

Living Room
  • Arrange furniture in a formal setting – we want to create a beautiful & comfortable space
  • Remove personal photos & magazines from coffee table
  • Clear out cluttered bookshelves – remove all or at least some of the books and arrange the rest in a nice pattern

Dining Room

Dining Room
  • Wipe down the dining room table, remove any dishes or places mats
  • Arrange the chairs around the table – don’t crowd it
  • Sweep and mop the floor to remove any marks

Family Room

  • Collect the TV remotes, video game systems, DVD’s or any other cluttered electronic items
  • Take note of electronic cords and hide them out of sight
  • Clear out any toys or games that may have been left by the kids


  • Put white bedspreads on beds –  Arrange fluffy pillows at the head of the bed
  • Remove phone chargers, tissue boxes, jewelry, or anything else that is on your nightside table
  • Avoid putting things under the bed – sometimes the camera can see it
  • Remove decorations from teenagers bedrooms – we want to make the room appear generic and neutral, so it will not be distracting to a potential buyer


Master Bathroom
  • Move the garbage cans, bathmats, laundry baskets, extra toilet paper, toilet brush and scales out.
  • Clear off counters – soap, tissues, toothbrushes, makeup, razors
  • Remove shampoo, soaps, washcloths from the shower
  • Replace towel racks with white fluffy towels
  • Remember to close the lid on the toilet too


Exterior tasks should include:
  • Trim trees and overgrown shrubs
  • Rake up the leaves
  • Mow the lawn and use the right edging tools near cement
  • Wrap up garden hoses and put them away in the garage or shed
  • Pick up any items that may be laying around the yard, such as garbage cans, toys, empty pots or pots with dead plants
  • Cover dirt with mulch to make it look more attractive
  • Move cars out of the driveway
  • Sweep the porch and sidewalks
  • If you have outdoor furniture, wipe it down and make sure that the cushions look clean and nice

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