Realtor Tour

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Frequently Asked Questions about “REALTOR TOUR”

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Realtor tour gives agents a chance to pre-view your home on a set date and time thru the MLS. 

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It gives Agents a chance to pre-view your home in person and then talk to prospective buyers about the wonderful features of your home!

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No, this is only for Realtors. (We hope they will bring buyer’s back!)

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No, you do not have to be home during this time. 

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Yes, you may be home, though it is preferred that you are not.

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Agents will access your property using the Keybox.

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All we ask is that you turn on the lights!

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It depends: you can have 1 agent pre-view your home, several agents, or sometimes none.
(Please do not be discouraged if you have NO agents pre-view your home, again tour is just giving agents a chance to pre-view your home without setting an appointment and to learn about what’s on the market, plus, to inform buyer’s about your home in hopes of showing and selling it!)

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Call or email our team and let us know how many Agent’s pre-viewed your home and we will document the activity on your marketing report.


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